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“Consistent with an established tradition, the ASLBA was again requested  to contribute to certain education programs of the Australian National University (ANU).
Responding to a recent request from the ANU,  the incumbent Venerable Mahawela Rathanapala Thero and a long-standing Committee Member of the ASLBA, Mr Jayantha Kottege attended a teaching session aimed at final year Archaeology students at the ANU today. The lesson devoted to archaeology of Buddhism was conducted  as a question and answer session. The students showed a great deal of interest and posed a multitude of wide-ranging questions.  These questions were masterfully responded to by the Thero, who is a Lecturer both at the University of Peradeniya and the Catholic Seminary affiliated to the Vatican.
Judging by the positive feedback received from the students, much valuable knowledge and insights regarding Buddhism and Buddhist practice were imparted.
Participation in contributing to primary, secondary and tertiary educational programs is yet another service that the ASLBA provides to the wider Australian community. “