Current Developments

The ALSBA has plans for further capital works and constructions geared towards the upkeep and enhancement of the Canberra Buddhist Vihara. Several building projects are currently underway and/or in perspective to maintain and entrench the image of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara as an iconic structure that reflects the best of Sri Lankan architectural traditions.

Construction of Dagoba:

As most of you will know, according to the Buddhist tradition, a Vihara to be complete must have three essential elements: a Bodhi tree, a Dagoba and a Shrine Room. Up to now the devotees of Canberra Buddhist Vihara did not have the opportunity to worship and pay homage to a Dagoba. To address this long-felt need the ALSBA has embarked on an iconic project of dagoba construction thereby making the Canberra Vihara complete as a fully-fledged Buddhist Vihara in all respects.

The construction of a Dagoba is an unprecedented and much-anticipated project for the Canberra community. The construction of Dagoba is scheduled to commence in March 2016 at an estimated cost of AUD 245,000 for the initial construction of the dome up to the stage of ‘Dewatha Kotuwa’. The services of an experienced building company have been engaged as the contractor for this phase of construction. The construction of ‘Pesa walalu’, ‘Hatharas Kotuwa’, Dewatha Kotuwa’, ‘Koth keralla’ and Kotha along with the necessary decorations and embellishments will be done following established Sri Lankan traditions. Needless to say the completion of the Dagoba is an expensive undertaking. Nonetheless, the ASLBA has every confidence that it will be able to obtain the necessary community support for this uniquely meritorious and iconic project.

Many devotees have already contributed and some have made pledges to contribute towards this worthy project. Our sincere thanks and blessings go to each and every one of those devotees. Further contributions are urgently needed to bring this iconic project to fruition. If you wish to avail yourself of this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to contribute to the construction of the first-ever Dagoba for Canberra, please contact the resident Bhante or an ASLBA committee member or alternatively you may follow the link about ‘How To Make Donations’ on this website.