Fundraising Events

Currently several types of events are held to raise funds.

Regular food fairs are held at the temple premises when sponsorship can be elicited from individuals and/or groups. The intention is to hold such food fairs as often as practical, ideally once a month. These are held during the day and usually from 10am to 2pm.

A major food fair event is held in the month of May to coincide with Vesak Celebrations. A multitude of Vesak illuminations at night provide the backdrop for a colorful festival where Sri Lankan and Australian visitors to the Temple get to sample a variety of Sri Lanka food items.

Every year in February, the ACT Government holds the Canberra Multicultural Festival. The ASLBA is a stall-holder selling a variety of Sri Lankan in this annual event. Not long after this event, the Queanbeyan City Council holds the Queanbeyan Multicultural Festival. The ASLBA also holds a stall at this festival.

The ASLBA receives invitations to cater for various community events and performances by artists visiting from Sri Lanka from time-to-time.