As the maintenance of Sri Lanka Biddhist Vihara in Canberra depends on crucially on community support, regular fund-raising activities are required to elicit the necessary funding support from  the community.  These take the form of regular food fairs held at the Vihara premises in Kambah ACT and  food stalls hosted by the ASLBA at various community events, including the Canberra Multicultural Festival. Funds raised at these events along with donations form the key source of funding for the upkeep of Vihara and the many services that it provides to the community. All future enhancements to the Vihara and its premises and provision of services also depend on the ability to raise funds. These events where the Canberra community can taste delicious Sri Lankan foods are popular with the Canberra Australian community.

All fund-raising activities of the ASLBA are run by volunteers. Therefore if you or your organisation can volunteer to host a food fair, contribute time to prepare Sri Lankan foods and/or sell prepared food at our food fairs and community events, please contact the resident Bhante or any member of the ASLBA Committee to indicate your interest.  If you wish, you can also host a food fair at the Vihara premises by getting together as a group or as an individual to pay the cost of ingredients (raw materials) and consumables for the particular food fair event. Currently (May 2016) the estimated cost of hosting a food fair is $600.00. This amount will allow the the ASLBA to supply a standard menu comprising about 4 types of short-eats, hoppers and rice and curry. We also need your group to help prepare the food items by providing labor. The ASLBA can always provide an experienced person to  guide you with plenty of tips and tricks to get the recipes just right!

If you have some time to donate to the temple, please contact the resident Bhante as helpers are always wanted to prepare foods, set up food stalls and clean up following fund-rasing events. With your generous help the ASLBA can continue to maintain the temple and the many services it provides to the community.