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Special events at Vihara

Ven. Anandasiri Thero visit to the ANU

The ASLBA invited to the ANU...

The ALSBA as a responsible community organisation always strives to contribute to the Canberra community.  

These contributions take many froms such as visiting hospitals and other institutions to provide pastoral services and Buddhist perspectives in a variety of contexts. Our organisation was recently invited by Senior Lecturer, Dr Dugald O’Reilly of the Australian National University (ANU) to contribute to a seminar session. This seminar session was held for final year Archaeology students interested in Buddhism, its main principles and practice through time.  Canberra Tibetan Temple was also invited to this session and was represented by Rev. Oliver Jamyang.

Our resident Bhanthe Ven. Ananadasiri Thero was accompanied by Mr Jayantha Kottege, who served as the translator and interpreter during the session. The session was mainly devoted to comparing and contrasting Tibetan and Sri Lankan traditions of Buddhism and the approaches of these two schools to the idea of re-incarnation, with an added twist.  The twist was that the discussion and questions surrounding these rather complex subjects had to be approached from the standpoint of Archaeology. There was a great deal of interest from the students who posed many questions for the visitors. Bhanthe Anandasiri was very pleased to contribute to the exchanges and share knowledge with young students who will be our future leaders and academics.

By way of feedback, Dr O’Reilly wrote to thank us “…for coming and sharing your experiences with my students, I had really good feedback and I and the class are really most grateful for you taking the time to come and share your lives with us.”

At the end of the session, Bhanthe Anandasiri posed for a photo with the students and their Lecturer.

Temple Anniversary Celebration

Saturday  29, March

Sinhala New year

Sunday 13, April

Vesak Celebrations

Saturday 3, May

Vesak Poya Day Pooja   

Wednesday 14, May

Poson Poya Gilanpasa Pooja

Thursday 12, June

Vass Aradhana

Sunday 31, July

School End of  the year Concert

Saturday 24, October

Katina Pinkama – Maha Piritha

Saturday and Sunday 7 and 8,  November