The inspection – annoying evil or safety must-have?

The inspection - annoying evil or safety must-have?

It’s that time again: I, as your car, have to go to the workshop for an inspection. So it is high time that we talk about how often it is necessary that I have to go there. I know of course that it is usually quite expensive when my note in the engine compartment says that we both have to go to the workshop. But this necessary evil must unfortunately be. An inspection is by no means a money-grab by the car industry or the garages, but really a sensible investment in me.

Error when purchasing a long-term care insurance policy

Last week it was that time again. Friedrich M. an elderly gentleman from Bonn called me and was totally unsettled. He had taken out a long-term care insurance policy through his insurance agent in October and was not sure whether this insurance was good or not. whether the services were right for him. In further conversation it turned out that he did not know at all how much the benefits were. We also found that he should not have taken out the insurance at all due to "pre-existing conditions"!

The best long-term care insurance rates 2021 in direct comparison!

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Partial inpatient care: day and night care

Day and night care is a benefit of long-term care insurance for people in need of care who are cared for at home . You are cared for and looked after for a certain time during the day in a care facility. This relieves the burden on caregivers and enables the person in need of care to participate in society .

At a glance

  • In day or night care, people in need of care spend some time in a care facility, where they are cared for and looked after. However, you continue to live in your own home.
  • People with at least care degree 2 are entitled to a subsidy for this partial inpatient care.
  • Partial inpatient care is possible during the day or at night. It can be taken up at short notice or permanently.
  • Partial inpatient care can be combined with other care insurance benefits.
  • Statutory and private nursing care insurants have the same entitlement to benefits.
Partial inpatient care: day and night care

What is semi-stationary care?

In day and night care, people in need of care spend part of the day or night in a care facility during the week and are cared for and looked after there by trained nursing staff and caregivers. But mainly they live in their own homes. Therefore, this service is also referred to as partial inpatient care.

The kautel rental deposit for private tenants

The private Kautel rent deposit is a rent deposit insurance for private tenants. This is where the trusted R+V insurance company provides the guarantee for your current or new tenancy. There is a win-win situation for tenant and landlord alike. In the next section, you will find an overview of all the important information on the Kautel rent deposit.

The private bail rent deposit at a glance

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between private and commercial rent deposits. A commercial rent deposit is necessary if you want to rent suitable premises for your business. The private rent deposit guarantee, which is the subject of this article, is interesting for you if you want to move, or replace the already existing cash deposit of your apartment.

Changes in the regional classes of car insurance

Changes in the regional classes of car insurance

Once again this year, there are numerous changes to the regional classes of car insurance. The regional class is just as the type class a tariff characteristic of the motor vehicle insurance. So how much you have to pay for your car insurance depends in no small part on your regional class. A low regional class reduces the insurance premium, while a high regional class increases the insurance premium.

Free choice of repair shop with used car warranty!

Of course you want your "used" car to keep its roadworthy condition and value. This then also includes having the regular inspections and maintenance carried out on the vehicle. What about if you bought the car at a dealership but would like to have the maintenance done at the independent shop you trust?

"Beautiful car", should stay that way ..

Free choice of repair shop with used car warranty!

Therefore, it gets regular inspections and all maintenance work is done promptly. This keeps the car in good shape and retains its value for a long time. However, what about my used car warranty if I want to go to my regular shop for service, inspection and maintenance and not the store that sold me the car?

Fire insurance

Fire insurance is a very specific type of insurance that is nowadays always found in the residential and also in the commercial sector in so-called bundled insurance policies. This means that multiple lines of insurance (fire, tap water, windstorm, …) are bundled into one policy. Fire insurance is one of the most important lines in this bundle. If a fire breaks out, the damage is usually very large. The damage is not only caused by the fire, but also the smoke and soot produced by the many plastic usually does its part. But also the water needed by the fire department to extinguish the fire causes considerable damage.

What does the fire insurance cover?

Fire insurance primarily compensates for damage caused by a fire. Both movables and real estate can be insured and, through fire business interruption insurance, business revenue losses due to temporary business closures can also be insured. However, there are other types of damage that can be covered by this type of fire insurance. Almost every insurer has commercial fire insurance on offer. Often, however, it depends on the type of business whether the insurers also provide an offer. There are now insurance companies that specialize in certain businesses and do not offer anything beyond that. More and more apartment buildings are being built, which should also have fire insurance. This fire risk is then covered under the homeowners insurance policy.

By car through the usa: preparation, traffic rules & routes

By car through the USA: Preparation, traffic rules & routes

Hardly anything has as much taste of freedom and adventure as a road trip through the U.S. Endless expanses, fantastic coastal roads, untouched nature parks and trendy cities alternate. A tour with a rental car through the USA is also the best way to get to know this huge and diverse country and to immerse yourself in the “American way of life”. Not everything is like in the movies, but sometimes you can feel like you’re in one. In any case, it is exciting to be “on the road” and to encounter new impressions and experiences every day.

Fairfekt versicherungsmakler gmbh – climate neutral company

Climate neutrality is not only an issue that affects large manufacturing industries. Homeowners renovate their homes to be energy efficient or build as carbon-neutral as possible from the start. Why shouldn’t an insurance broker also think about reducing its ecological footprint or avoiding it altogether?? Fairfekt Versicherungsmakler GmbH took this step in 2020 and has now been certified as a climate-neutral company following a corresponding analysis and subsequent implementation. What were the factors behind the CO2-

Output and what was the solution?

What is meant by a climate-neutral company??
Companies, regardless of the industry, leave an environmental footprint. You heat offices, use vehicles or buy products that were not produced in a climate-neutral way. Climate-neutral companies try to reduce the CO2 emissions they cause on the one hand and compensate for them on the other hand. Mitigation can be achieved, for example, by using pure green electricity. In addition, the office buildings can be renovated to be energy-efficient. Switching to e-cars or using bicycles as an alternative to company cars is also a step in the direction of mitigation.
On the other side, however, there are the polluters for greenhouse gases, with which the company has nothing to do directly, but through the purchase of products manufactured by third parties. In this case, the only way for a company that wants to be climate-neutral is to offset its emissions.

Car insurance: what documents?

Register car insurance what do I need? What data does the motor insurance company need? The motor vehicle insurance is divided into the statutory liability insurance and the comprehensive insurance. The latter does not necessarily have to be taken out in order to move a car on public roads. Certain documents are required for the termination, change, conclusion and comparison of a motor vehicle insurance policy, which will be discussed in more detail here.

change car insurance what documents do I need?

  1. Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document)
  2. Current insurance contract
  3. The last contribution invoice

When changing the motor vehicle insurance, documents with the vehicle details and to the previous insurance are required. In any case, the registration certificate Part I, which was formerly called the vehicle registration document, and the current insurance contract plus the last premium invoice should be ready to hand. With these documents you can also quickly and easily make an insurance comparison.