Fraudulent 50-year-old must go to jail

Fraudulent 50-year-old must go to jail

After the verdict, a murmur of approval could be heard among the spectators. Judge nicole allstadt accused the defendant of shamelessly exploiting the situation of the victim and making a comfortable life for herself. "They have built a system to enrich themselves", according to allstadt. After the trial, the 50-year-old was immediately taken back to prison, from where she had also been brought before the police.

Defendant saw himself as a victim

Endangering the road traffic according to § 315c stgb

You have received a report for endangering road traffic (road traffic endangerment) and would now like to inform yourself about the criminal offense and the criminal consequences. Lawyer Dietrich, as a specialist lawyer for criminal law from Berlin, gives you in the following an overview of the road traffic endangerment. Attorney Dietrich will answer the following questions in particular:

  • What behavior does the law expect in the case of endangering road traffic according to Section 315c of the Criminal Code and how is road traffic endangerment punished?
  • What is a vehicle and when is it driven on the road?
  • What is the blood alcohol level at which I am no longer able to drive a vehicle safely as a result of drinking alcohol??
  • What is an intoxicating substance and at what point can I no longer drive the vehicle safely as a result of its consumption??
  • What are mental or physical defects?
  • What is meant in detail by the terms used in Nr. 2 listed traffic violations meant?
  • What does the law mean by acting grossly contrary to traffic regulations and recklessly in the context of road traffic endangerment??
  • When is the life or limb of another person or property of significant value at risk??
  • Can I also be liable to prosecution for a road traffic offence as a result of negligence?
  • Do I also have to expect the revocation of my driver’s license due to a road traffic hazard?
  • Can I get a driving ban?
  • Do I need legal advice if I am charged with a road traffic endangerment offense by the police or other law enforcement agency?

What behavior does the legislature expect in road traffic endangerment and how is road traffic endangerment punished?

  1. is driving a vehicle on the road while
  1. as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances or
  2. Is unable to drive safely as a result of mental or physical deficiencies; or
  1. disregarding the right of way,
  2. overtakes incorrectly or otherwise drives incorrectly when overtaking,
  3. drives the wrong way at crosswalks,
  4. drives too fast at blind spots, road crossings, road junctions or railroad crossings,
  5. do not keep to the right side of the lane at blind spots,
  6. turns, reverses or drives against the direction of travel on freeways or highways, or attempts to do so, or
  7. does not make stopped or immobilized vehicles visible at a sufficient distance, although this is necessary for the safety of traffic,

and thereby endangers the life or limb of another person or property of significant value to others.

The bank power of attorney – indispensable for making provisions for the future

You do not even need to think of the very worst. Even a sports accident with a hospital stay of several weeks – some time perhaps without consciousness – can make it necessary for another person to take care of your financial affairs. Bills must be paid even if you are unable to act. And your spouse or adult children cannot step in, because they are not automatically authorized to represent you.

Even in the event of death, the surviving dependants face major problems if no power of attorney has been granted. Although the heirs can dispose of the decedent's accounts, they must be able to prove their status as heirs for this purpose. And until a will is opened or a certificate of inheritance is issued, a lot of time can pass – sometimes months.

Make provisions with a power of attorney

Make provisions with a power of attorney

No one knows what the future holds. Perhaps this is why older people put off going to the notary's office. It is very important to make provisions for the eventuality of old age or illness. Who is supposed to conduct legal transactions, deal with doctors, hospitals and possibly nursing homes if no power of attorney is available? Without a power of attorney, doctors, banks, public offices and other institutions are not allowed to provide information about the patient, customer or applicant. Doctors are bound by professional secrecy, banks and public authorities by data protection laws.

The power of attorney

It is advisable to have the power of attorney drawn up by a notary public. While freelance notaries are quite expensive, you can get away cheaper with the city notary's office. Notaries are also employed here to help draw up the power of attorney. In addition, notaries have a duty of safekeeping, which means that the power of attorney is also available at the notary's office if an authorized representative misplaces or loses the original.

Child support in the alternating model – does it make sense and who pays what??

The term “alternating model” is discriminatory. It insinuates discontinuity, although it is generally accepted that continuity is desired and often organized for children, especially in cases of separation and divorce. For the child, the change from joint care by the parents to care by one parent is the greatest discontinuity imaginable. Those who believe that a child’s attachment to his or her familiar living environment and home is stronger than the attachment to the parent are themselves failing to recognize the positive aspects of the attachment theory.

It would therefore be desirable if, in the case of separation and divorce, the parents could ensure continuous care of the child by both parents. This is often not possible because the parents are at odds with each other and are not able to communicate about the interests of their child. However, if there is a chance to ensure joint care of the child even after the parents have separated, this should be attempted.

Proceedings before the family court


Proceedings before the family court will only be opened upon request. This means that someone sends or has a lawyer send a pleading to the competent district court stating what is requested and on what grounds. Usually this is either a parent or the youth welfare office.

If parents z.B. If you want to change the joint custody, this can only be done with an application to the competent family court.

The work as a criminal defense lawyer

In the German legal system, every accused person is entitled to a criminal defense lawyer in the course of an investigation, indictment or prosecution. He or she can be appointed as a public defender by court order or selected by the defendant himself or herself within the framework of elective defense. The defense attorney supports the client with expert knowledge of the legal basis – in and out of court. But how exactly does one become a criminal defense lawyer and what are the tasks? I, lawyer Leonhard Grassmann, criminal defense lawyer in Munich, would like to explain this to you.

The work as a criminal defense lawyer