Astronaut maurer at cape canaveral – soon 600. Man in space

astronaut maurer at cape canaveral - soon 600. Man in space

A few days before his planned launch to the international space station ISS, german esa astronaut matthias maurer arrived at cape canaveral spaceport.

Maurer and his three nasa colleagues thomas marshburn, raja chari and kayla barron stepped out of a small plane at the spaceport in the u.S. State of florida on tuesday – dressed in blue suits and wearing protective masks.

French retailers take producers and consumers to task

"Are more regional products and more reasonable prices for agriculture possible in the retail trade??" this question discussed mdb stefan muller in view of the continuing protests from the agricultural sector now in the context of visits with two coarse food retailers in his electoral district. His preliminary conclusion: there are certainly opportunities, but everyone has to get moving. Not least the consumer.

Debates about the value of food and criticism from the agricultural sector about the lack of appreciation of their work have been going on for a long time and continue to do so. According to a press release from his office, this was reason enough for erlangen's member of the german bundestag, stefan muller (CSU), to listen to the opinions of two major food retailers from his constituency, after many discussions with farmers. The member of parliament discussed these issues in depth with matthias zwingel, operator of nine rewe stores in the region, and pascal bachmann, operator of two large edeka stores in erlangen and herzogenaurach, during visits to their businesses.

May addresses eu foreigners directly with brexit letter

May addresses eu foreigners directly with brexit letter

Prime minister theresa may believes that an agreement on the rights of EU foreigners to stay in the UK is within reach. London wants to make it as easy as possible for foreigners in the united kingdom to continue living in the country after it leaves the eu.

This is what may said on the occasion of the two-day EU summit in brussel. "EU citizens legally living in the UK today should be allowed to stay," reads her open letter to EU expats, published thursday night. Registrations are needed for this.

Farmer’s lament in the cowshed

Farmer's lament in the cowshed

"That's the end of farming for us,", ranted farmers' association district chairman gerhard ehrlich at the start of the political battle on rosen monday. Traditionally, this is an occasion for farmers to tell their representatives what they need to do. This time, the farm of wolfgang schultheib in gossenberg was used as an example of a dairy farm affected by the crisis.

What gerhard ehrlich emports, he tried to make clear to CSU member of the bundestag hans michelbach and SPD member of the state parliament susann biedefeld. Many farmers have just invested in new barns in which the cows stand on a slatted floor, as in the case of the schultheib family, and the EU is coming up with new ideas. Cattle are to lie on straw again in the future, and pigs are to be allowed to move around freely in the barn. "Who will clean out the stables then??", asked ehrlich with a view to the schultheib farm with currently around 220 animals. That will be work for the older generation on the farm, he warns. The "end of agriculture, he fears, because he knows, that many companies will not invest in new stables but will rather give up.

New daycare center generates enthusiasm

Unanimous approval and a unanimous decision: the building planned by the architects' office Schmitt & Vogels submitted design plans for new kindergarten st. Christopherus at the seehofhalle have met with enthusiasm in the memmelsdorf community council. According to plans, construction will begin in march 2019. The opening is planned for the fall of 2020.
Rough praise was given to the architects' office schmitt & vogels and managing director Roland Schmitt, who presented the designs in person. According to this, the new building with a combination of two structures (two-story on the street and one-story on the creek side) fits perfectly into the existing development and the sloping land. The cleverly constructed entrance foyer in the area where the two buildings intersect harmoniously compensated for the difference in floor levels.
Architect Schmitt: "the foyer is halfway up between the two floors, and this is also where the structural elements fork. A connection over ten steps makes the difference between floors hardly noticeable for visitors." an elevator now also serves to ensure barrier-free accessibility. While the kindergarten groups will move into the two-story upper part of the building, the daycare center will be located on the lower floor.
This means that for the entire daycare center and especially for the kindergarten groups, the partially open educational concept practiced by the educational team is possible without any restrictions, emphasized Schmitt. Above all, the roughly laid-out corridors with mobile wall and tower elements and numerous visual contacts through glass elements enable their multifunctional use as play, waiting or lounge areas.
The assessment of the kindergarten director Ulrike Straub in the meeting was correspondingly euphoric: "this room arrangement makes everything possible for us."

"Highly satisfied"

As a representative of the local caritas association, which is responsible for the facility, local councillor silvia pfister was also more than happy with the plans: "we are extremely satisfied with the current state of planning"." both ladies expressly praised the committed cooperation and planning of the architects' office, which had dealt intensively with the educational work of the daycare team in advance in order to be able to create an optimal spatial concept.
Despite a slight increase in construction costs compared to the feasibility study, the municipal share is expected to remain at around 3.0 million euros "because, analogously, the demand costs are also increasing", calculated construction office manager stephan walz. In total, the current cost estimate for the building, including interior furnishings and the outside facilities, is around 5 million euros. This does not yet include the new road access, including the parking lot on podeldorfer strabe, and the rough new parking lot in schmittenau.

Physician president warns of excessive demands

Physician president warns of excessive demands

Ahead of new federal-lander consultations on how to proceed in the coronavirus crisis, the bundesarztekammer has warned against overtaxing citizens.

"I don't think we can continue what we're doing now for months," doctors' president klaus reinhardt told the editorial network deutschland. "The fears and worries were psychologically overstraining the people."He spoke out in favor of a clear time limit for the restrictions in everyday life and rejected an exit ban.

Diva of divorce – most expensive divorce lawyer in london

Ayesha Vardag, also called “Diva of Divorce”, is a London divorce lawyer of superlatives. It owes its notoriety to a case that made judicial history in England by changing the British divorce law. A German marriage contract thereby changed the British jurisdiction.

What is it about?

In 2010, Vardag represented the German multimillionaire Katrin Radmacher, heiress of a Westphalian paper mill, against her husband, the Frenchman Nicolas Granatino. The latter demanded half of the assets, although there was a marriage contract concluded in Germany. In this was regulated that neither of the two may claim something of the property of the other in the case of a separation. Granatino demanded a whole 6.8 million pounds from his ex-wife. His reasoning: he wouldn’t have understood the prenuptial agreement signed in Germany because of the language barrier. In addition, he had not been aware of his wife’s assets. Verdag did not find this statement credible. Since the couple was seeking a divorce in England due to their place of residence, the defense was not going to be an easy task. Divorce was frowned upon in the UK even after the turn of the millennium. While a marriage contract is recognized and possible in Germany, British judges did not accept it.

Gdpr: directory of processing activities

With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, new obligations and requirements arise for entities processing personal data. One of these requirements is the keeping of a register of processing activities (Art. 30 GDPR). This regulation replaces the previously applicable regulations on the procedural directory at the federal and state level. The associated increased documentation requirements are intended to make data processors more aware of data protection issues.

Who is affected by the register of processing activities?

By type. 30 GDPR, a register of processing activities must be kept by the controller. In addition, there is now also an obligation for commissioned data processors. Entrepreneurs who already keep or have kept a register of procedures can transfer the previous records into a register of processing activities. In addition, the processes documented there must be checked for compatibility with the General Data Protection Regulation. Art. 30 para. 5 GDPR contains an exemption for companies with fewer than 250 employees. It should be noted, however, that this exception does not apply even if the processing of personal data is “not merely incidental”. Since most companies process data on a permanent basis (for example, via website or through payroll systems), this regulation is likely to be used very rarely.

Google fonts: resistance against warning wave is forming

The affair about the wave of warnings because of the use of Google fonts in websites takes a new twist. Doubts are growing that the warning letters sent by the self-proclaimed "data protection lawyer" have any legal basis at all. So the arguments of the lawyer are at least technically questionable. In the meantime, several counterclaims are being prepared.

For approximately two weeks the affair strikes around warnings by the lawyer Marcus H. from Grob Enzersdorf Waves in the domestic economy. Most recently, the Professional Association of Management Consultants, Accountants and IT (UBIT) has stated that it expressly supports a test case brought by the Chamber of Commerce to clarify the facts of the matter.