David hume: biography and work

David Hume: biography and work

Philosophy is the discipline that since ancient times has sought to unravel the mysteries that surround our lives, our world and the reasons for our existence. Before we knew the sciences, mankind had already tried to answer these complex questions. First came myths, ideas about creation, and then, with the birth of philosophy, more or less objective considerations took their course.

The first philosophy searched for a reason for our existence and the nature of the world; it tried to give an answer to what is the origin. The passage of time and advances in various fields led philosophy to different branches and later disciplines. Philosophy is thus also the forerunner of psychology.

Rudolf tschani: “the legal profession is subject to major changes”

Rudolf Tschani:

Rudolf Tschani is one of the best known lawyers in Switzerland in the field of Mergers& Acquisitions. For 2020, he was awarded "Lawyer of the Year" and from "Who's Who Legal" he received the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Switzerland". In an interview with "Fokus", he explains why this area of law has captivated him and what a lawyer should bring to the table.

Mr. Rudolf Tschani, why do you focus on mergers & acquisitions? Acquisitions (M&A) set?

This was more by chance due to experience gained in a large law firm in New York. When I worked there, the general practitioner type still prevailed among lawyers in Switzerland. Major M&A transactions are often important milestones for companies and receive a great deal of attention from the highest level. The lawyer works on an important, sometimes even transformational project. M&A advice is teamwork and challenging for lawyers, as different areas of law intertwine. In addition, the lawyer acts closely in exchange with other professionals such as financial advisors, auditors and business consultants. You also have to deal with new transactions all the time, as well as companies and people with changing characteristics. I find this combination exciting. Back in Switzerland, M&A consulting then developed into its own specialty area, which I was happy to help build up.

Moo or moo!

Moo or moo!

When it comes to marketing, it's all about target groups. Lawyers in particular should keep this in mind if they want to be successful in marketing. And this fact has serious implications for the structuring of – actually all – marketing activities.

Because marketing measures, which are categorized after fields of law, are correctly structured indeed with the legal eyeglasses regarded. But they often do not reflect the reality of life and the need for advice of potential clients.

Renault zoe electric car batteries last for a very long time

The Renault Zoe electric car is one of the most successful electric cars on the market, after 9 years at least 99 percent of the energy storage still works.

Renault Zoe electric car batteries last for a very long time

The batteries of Renault's electric cars prove themselves in the tough endurance test of everyday life: over 99 percent of all batteries used in the electric bestseller ZOE E-Tech since market launch in 2013 are still fully functional and have at least 70 percent of the capacity at the time of vehicle purchase. This applies to all battery types of the compact five-door model – from the 22-kWh battery of the first years of production to the current 52-kWh battery.

Successfully launching into the future of mobility with an e-fleet.

Electric motors are considered the drive of the future. More and more companies are choosing to convert their fleets to e-fleet because of the lower environmental impact and cheaper operating costs. Which advantages the vehicles with electric motor offer to you beyond that and whether such a conversion is worthwhile also for your fleet, you find out here.

The advantages of an electric fleet.

Compared to conventional combustion engines, an electric motor emits neither emissions nor pollutants – this is a desirable development especially for the environment. Politicians also see it this way, which is why the purchase of electric cars is increasingly supported.

The duty to safeguard traffic and its violation


The person who creates a situation of danger, of whatever nature, is in principle also obliged to take the necessary and reasonable precautions to protect others from harm. However, the legally required traffic safety is not limitless. Not every abstract danger can be prevented. A general prohibition not to endanger others would therefore be utopian. In practice, it is impossible to achieve a level of road safety that excludes all damage.

A danger becomes liable only when an informed judgement finds that there is an obvious possibility that others will be endangered or harmed. can be damaged. The degree of care required in traffic is satisfied if, as a result, the degree of safety is achieved that is considered necessary by the prevailing traffic opinion in the relevant area.

Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

While we enjoy the good weather in summer or relax on vacation, the warm season means a particularly high load for our cars. An annual summer or vacation check at your independent garage prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures that you can enjoy the warm season without worries.

In summer, the car has to perform at its best, even when driving at a leisurely pace. Because increased temperatures and sunlight, as well as long vacation trips, place a particularly heavy load on all the assemblies in the vehicle.