The house wall as advertising space – how does it work??

There are many possibilities for real estate owners to achieve additional income. Advertising agencies, intermediaries or the like are constantly looking for sufficiently large advertising spaces that have a high resonance effect on passers-by, and the fee is correspondingly high. In this reference some questions come up: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this and what is the yield?

Compulsory portion for children

Most people inevitably come into contact with the law of succession at some point in their lives – whether it is the drawing up of their own will or an inheritance. Testators often want to name the spouse as sole heir. However, a complete disinheritance of the children is precluded by the right to a compulsory portion. Those entitled to a compulsory portion may have. a claim to a part of the inheritance. In the following we explain how high the compulsory portion for children is and when a waiver of this compulsory portion is possible.

If you have any questions on the subject, you should consult an experienced attorney for inheritance law. In Leipzig, the law firm of Anke Knauf is the right contact for questions regarding succession or the compulsory portion for children.

“Current situation could even become disinflationary in the medium term”

Economic recovery continues, but momentum has slowed sharply. At the same time, consumers will be particularly burdened by rising inflation. Although central banks continue to expect lower inflation rates next year, a global energy crisis could jeopardize that scenario, says Rothschild’s Marc-Antoine Collard& Co Asset Management Europe.

Real estate distance learning

Get a degree in real estate by distance learning:

Real estate agent, real estate specialist, house and property manager or building energy consultant – these are the most interesting professions that can also be learned by distance learning at universities, academies, and other certified distance learning programs. The stakes range from construction project management to residential property management. If you want to get into the real estate business, you should invest a little time and money in it.

Industry icon zelma long is passionate about hiring and mentoring women

Long is one of the world's best-known winemakers and has been a vine icon and inspiration to many for decades. This pioneer in the California The wine scene was one of the first women to study enology and viticulture at the University of California at Davis in the late 1960s.

Her wine career began at Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley, where she worked for a decade, becoming the winery's chief ecologist.

Become a real estate specialist

The real estate industry is booming and with it the job opportunities in the construction and real estate field. A good opportunity for advancement for specialists from the industry is the further training as a real estate specialist. You can find out how to become a real estate specialist here.

Become a real estate specialist

What does a real estate specialist?

Real estate specialists broker developed and undeveloped land, commercial properties, office complexes and residential properties. While the term real estate agent is not protected, the real estate specialist can usually show an education in the field of real estate plus a demanding further education to become a real estate specialist. Real estate specialists are therefore often employed in large and renowned brokerage offices, property management companies or in urban development. Unlike some of their colleagues, they have certified expertise that has been tested by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

The inheritance legacy in switzerland

With a legacy, the testator favors a person without making him or her an heir. She is entitled to tangible assets, cash or real estate and land from the estate named in the will or inheritance contract. If the beneficiary is also entitled to inherit, he or she can disclaim the inheritance without losing the legacy. However, a bequest is also taxable in the same way as an inheritance.

We have compiled a list of when it still makes sense and what testator, community of heirs and legatees should know.

Digital rental management: renting out real estate online

Digital rental management: Renting out real estate online

To whom the pretty three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city should be rented, and who is the right candidate to sign the lease for his house today? Agents and property managers have to deal with such issues on a daily basis, because living space is scarce, but the number of interested parties is constantly increasing. In major cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, there is a housing shortage, with hundreds of prospective buyers for every single property. Despite the numerous contenders, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable tenant. In this context, the selection process is crucial when renting out real estate, as the perfect condition of an apartment can only be guaranteed by a conscientious tenant.

To ensure that renting out an apartment goes smoothly, the best candidate must be found. This is where digital leasing management comes into play, because thanks to a sophisticated, fully automated selection process, the number of eligible prospects can be limited in order to subsequently select a suitable tenant. Tenants are put through their paces, and they must meet certain criteria that you, as the landlord, can determine individually for each property. Only you know which criteria are particularly important for you. The inquiries of all prospective tenants are evaluated according to the provided parameters. This saves time and money, because it immediately eliminates unsuitable prospects. Only those potential tenants who meet your minimum requirements will be invited to view the apartment.