The 4 most beautiful campsites in switzerland

The 4 most beautiful campsites in Switzerland

The best known for camping vacations is probably Ticino. And rightly so, of course, there are lakes, mountains and cities. But beyond that there are hundreds of other campsites, spread all over Switzerland. We show you here our top 4 pitches and some info and tips that can help you in your choice. You do not know yet with which vehicle you want to visit our top 4? Here you can compare the campsites and find out about find your suitable camper in a car garage near you.

The reflex camera lens abc

The reflex camera lens ABC

As soon as one decided for a certain DSLR, one asks oneself the question whether one uses a kit lens or rather immediately a tidy and on the own needs co-ordinated lens too puts. You can find out what types of lenses there are, when to use them and what to look for when buying them in this post. I also give a few tips on how to save real money when buying lenses.

As soon as you have decided on a certain DSLR, you have to ask yourself whether you want to use a kit lens or whether you would prefer to buy a proper lens that suits your needs. What types of lenses there are, when to use them and what to look for when buying, you will learn in this article. I also give a few tips on how to save real money when buying lenses.

Privacy policy: tips with regard to the dsgvo

Privacy policy: Tips with regard to the DSGVO

With the entry into force of the GDPR in May 2018, every website operator is obliged to inform users about their data collection. In addition to the legally required purpose, your privacy policy adds the attributes of transparency and trust to your website. To ensure that your privacy policy provides security and transparency for your website users, we have compiled the most important tips for you here.

1. Why every website operator needs a privacy statement?

The privacy policy fully informs the website user about the storage and use of his personal data. Personal data which can be used by the operator include u.a.:

Tax tips for the dental practice

Tax tips for the dental practice

Every year it comes again: the time for the tax return. This is no different for dentists than for other people. But what can you deduct from your taxes as a dentist?? To what extent are you liable for taxes in the first place? Practices almost always need professional tax advice. But building up your own expertise on the subject of taxes never hurts as a dentist. Therefore we would like to give you some basic knowledge about taxes.

A top recruiter will answer important questions for you

When it comes to the right behavior in the interview, there are always points for which you can not always prepare one hundred percent. Still, there are some things you can definitely influence if you know what top recruiters are asking of you or what you pay special attention to on your resume. But how should you know? Quite simple: by reading our Experteer magazine. We had the audacity to interview a couple of headhunters and asked them for exclusive insights. Today we present you the answers of Jorg Stegemann. Among other things, he tells you what makes a good recruiter from his point of view. So be sure to read on.

What do you pay particular attention to in a candidate's resume?

A resume is like the menu in a restaurant: I want to understand and like what I read. At the same time, it's a candidate's first presentation and shows whether or not he can get priorities right. Two pages is therefore maximum and no more than 5 bullet points for jobs dating back more than 10 years. Spelling mistakes are inexcusable, of course: If someone can't write his own resume correctly, what about the quality of his work??

Employer branding: how to improve your rating on kununu and co. Improve

Rating platforms like kununu, which allow users to provide anonymous feedback on corporate culture, atmosphere and internal processes, are increasingly changing the conditions for successful employer branding. Doing as well as possible on such career sites becomes more important to employers or. Employer brands are becoming increasingly important.

Many recruiters are afraid of this because they feel they can no longer control this development. Burying one's head in the sand is nevertheless completely unnecessary. Integrate employer reviews into your employer branding strategy (or build one) and use them to actively improve your employer brand image.