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Ayesha Vardag, also called “Diva of Divorce”, is a London divorce lawyer of superlatives. It owes its notoriety to a case that made judicial history in England by changing the British divorce law. A German marriage contract thereby changed the British jurisdiction.

What is it about?

In 2010, Vardag represented the German multimillionaire Katrin Radmacher, heiress of a Westphalian paper mill, against her husband, the Frenchman Nicolas Granatino. The latter demanded half of the assets, although there was a marriage contract concluded in Germany. In this was regulated that neither of the two may claim something of the property of the other in the case of a separation. Granatino demanded a whole 6.8 million pounds from his ex-wife. His reasoning: he wouldn’t have understood the prenuptial agreement signed in Germany because of the language barrier. In addition, he had not been aware of his wife’s assets. Verdag did not find this statement credible. Since the couple was seeking a divorce in England due to their place of residence, the defense was not going to be an easy task. Divorce was frowned upon in the UK even after the turn of the millennium. While a marriage contract is recognized and possible in Germany, British judges did not accept it.

Difficult legal situation in Great Britain

Despite the difficult legal situation in Great Britain, Ayesha Vardag took over the defense of Katrin Radmacher before the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. And she won! For the first time a court in the UK allowed a prenuptial agreement to be made. According to the judges, the prenuptial agreement in the case of Radmacher vs. Granatino of significant weight. A decision with historical significance, in which the husband came away empty-handed. Following this decision, numerous prenuptial agreements are now also being concluded by partners in Great Britain.

Malaysian beauty queen also benefited

In 2017, Vardag drew attention again by representing former Malaysian beauty queen Pauline Chai, who lives in London. The latter did not want to get divorced in Malaysia, because there, due to the prevailing legal situation, a woman would almost certainly not have received any money. Vardag was able to ensure that the legal dispute was heard in a London court. Much to the delight of her client, who finally received 64 million pounds in her settlement. This was one of the largest family law settlements in the United Kingdom.

Own London law firm specializing in family law

In the meantime, Ayesha Vardag runs a large law firm with 100 employees. By its own admission, it only accepts cases with a dispute value of £100 million or more. This makes her the most expensive divorce lawyer in the UK and one of the most expensive in the world. However, your law firm also handles other cases. For Vardag, the amount is justified. Thus she said in an interview:

“We are really worth our fees. People come to us because they have the best lawyers and want to win. In just a few minutes we can make a difference of a few million euros for a client.”

London is the scene of some of the most messy and expensive divorces. One may be curious, which large divorces the “Diva of Divorce” will still fight out in the future. She has definitely found her passion in family law.

The situation is often quite different for students. In the first state exam the family law is partly treated stepmotherly and learned on gap. Family and inheritance law is often combined with property law – also in the oral examination.

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