E-charging stations beware: tips for increased visibility and sales

By 2030, 15 million electric vehicles are expected to be on Germany’s roads. But the government has missed the target of 1 million e-vehicles by 2020. One of the sticking points is the comprehensive charging infrastructure.

How many e-charging stations are there in Germany?

There are over 60 in Germany.000 standard charging points and over 10.000 fast charging points. And although new charging stations are being added every day, the charging infrastructure is lagging behind. This gives many drivers food for thought.

What stands in the way of electromobility?

Electromobility has not yet caught on because there are not enough charging stations. But more charging stations won’t solve the root problem. The sheer expansion of charging stations for e-cars leads to an oversupply and enormous operating costs. More important is information about available charging stations for drivers looking for the next charging opportunity.

What are the expectations of e-drivers??

The biggest obstacle to e-mobility is range anxiety. Drivers worry that their vehicle’s battery will not last and that they will have to charge too often or, worse, break down. And the current charging infrastructure plays into this fear even more.

If you give e-drivers a way to charge their cars, you’ll be one step ahead of many companies. You’re a pioneer in the transportation transition, and we’ll show you how to take advantage of this competitive advantage. In our blog article, we give tips on how to attract, convince and retain drivers.

How do filling stations get into the navigation system??

More information, less range anxiety

Range anxiety is best addressed through information. Real-time information increases drivers’ confidence and makes them more likely to invest in electric mobility.

But not all information is the same: it must be easy to understand and visually appealing. That’s where Uberall CoreX and our partnership with Eco-Movement come in. On our platform, you manage the most important data about your locations such as opening hours, payment options, availability or charging type.

4 tips for your e-station marketing

Electromobility is booming – and mainly the number of electric cars registered in Germany. The number of charging stations is growing much slower. Nevertheless, there are more and more charging station operators vying for customers. That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to assert yourself in the face of growing competition.

1. Optimize your findability

The easier it is for drivers to find a location of yours, the more likely they are to choose you. Conversely, if you don’t optimize your online presence, you’ll be almost invisible.

Most drivers rely on integrated systems and apps like Chargemap, Next Plug or NextCharge to find charging stations. They search for “e-charging station in the vicinity” or, for example, “e-charging station in Hamburg”. And in fact, 99 percent of mobile searches result in a transaction. 55 percent of consumers search for location information and 34 percent search for directions.

Maintained online profiles are important for your findability. Therefore, make sure you choose the right category for your business listing and include your exact location, business address and name. In our blog article on listing management, we reveal what else matters for business listings.

2. Offer an improved customer experience

In addition to range, e-drivers are concerned about the driving experience with the e-car. And this also includes the charging experience at the station. Convince the new hybrid customers with a seamless transition between the online and offline world.

The fastest way to get them from the web to your location is to offer SEO-optimized local websites. Make your site easy to use so drivers can find the information they need.Using interactive store locators or maps works especially well.

Convince drivers with real-time information about the availability of your charging stations, the number and power of your chargers, estimated charging time or operating hours. Pictures of your sites also tell drivers what they can expect to find at your site. And maybe you’ll give them the opportunity to reserve charging stations too. According to the motto: more (service) is more.

You want to move your e-charging stations forward?

3. Enter into collaborations

Many drivers use their fuel stop to stretch their legs or buy a snack. Charging e-vehicles, however, takes more time than intended. Even at fast-charging stations, it can take up to an hour to recharge.

Offer e-drivers the opportunity to spend their waiting time in a meaningful way. For example, you can partner with restaurants or offer shopping facilities. With amenities like wifi, seating or even overnight accommodations, you’ll stand out even more from the local competition.

Another tip: You can improve customer loyalty with loyalty programs and discounts.

4. Strengthen your reputation

Most consumers read reviews before they visit a store. It’s no different for e-drivers:inside. And you’ll score the most points with them if you respond to reviews.

To strengthen your reputation, good review management is essential. It’s important to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Clients with positive reviews you can encourage in their experiences. From negative reviews you will draw valuable feedback.

The bottom line? With a quick response you increase customer confidence. And if you use keywords, you’ll also improve your online visibility.

A look beyond the end of your nose: For which companies electromobility is exciting

Not only e-charging stations benefit from the high demand for e-vehicles. E-charging stations are also worthwhile for retailers or restaurants. In the competition for e-car drivers, supermarkets and restaurants with public charging points have the edge.

Charging stations for e-vehicles are a lucrative business for companies with several locations. An e-charging station in front of your store promises you a competitive advantage and two levers for your brand image at the same time. On the one hand, you position yourself as a pioneer in sustainability. On the other hand you will meet the new customer needs earlier. In this sense: let’s go.

You want to attract more customers to your e-charging stations?

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