Error when purchasing a long-term care insurance policy

Last week it was that time again. Friedrich M. an elderly gentleman from Bonn called me and was totally unsettled. He had taken out a long-term care insurance policy through his insurance agent in October and was not sure whether this insurance was good or not. whether the services were right for him. In further conversation it turned out that he did not know at all how much the benefits were. We also found that he should not have taken out the insurance at all due to "pre-existing conditions"!

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The benefits, especially for inpatient care, also fall far short of covering personal needs.
Due to our many years of experience in the field of supplementary long-term care insurance and our high credibility with the insurance companies, we were able to retroactively cancel the long-term care insurance contract through our intervention. In the benefit case (need for care) would have Friedrich M. do not receive any benefit from the supplementary care insurance. Our customers know that we check very carefully the health information, so that in the case of care the agreed care allowance can be paid quickly. The past care and benefit cases went therefore for my customers always simply and uncomplicatedly over the stage. Frederick M. has now insured the care services he needed and even pays a little less than before.

From the experiences of many consulting discussions we summarized here for you the five largest errors with conclusion of a long-term care insurance.

1.) delayed too long

The topic of nursing care insurance is a very taboo subject in Germany. The topic of care mostly deals with the last stage of a person's life and reminds us of our transience. This year we have already had several customers who first want to take care of a few personal things and then suddenly fell ill, so that the planned "supplementary care insurance" was no longer possible in this way. Basically, you can say that the "earlier" and "healthier" you decide to take out private long-term care insurance, the cheaper the premium will be!

2.) Wrong care achievements selected

Unfortunately, in our daily work we see many people who say: "But I have a supplementary long-term care insurance policy!"But only in the fewest cases the achievements of the existing private nursing care insurance fit to the respective individual need for security! We provide you with simple tools to determine your personal insurance needs in the event of long-term care.

3.) Did not read the "small print

One of the most important criteria for a good long-term care insurance is the set of conditions! Here it is determined under which conditions an insurance pays resp. does not pay. So we've developed a minimum criteria standard that specifies what a long-term care insurance policy we broker should cover, at a minimum. In our non-binding online nursing care insurance comparison, only nursing care insurance policies that meet these criteria are listed.

4.) Health issues not taken "seriously"

With long-term care insurance, health questions are always asked (exception is the state-subsidized Pflegebahr). Unfortunately, we still often see that the health questions have not been answered completely or have been answered incorrectly. Here the insured person takes a very high risk on itself that the insurance in the case of achievement refuses because of the "before-contractual duty of disclosure" the achievement.

5.) Not compared via an independent care portal

Do not give away money! Even with the same benefits, there are large price differences between the individual insurance companies. Insure only what you really need. (z.B. the exemption from contributions in case of unemployment is unimportant for a pensioner, but can be an important criterion for an employee). Our free comparison calculator provides you with a simple and clear comparison of the most important performance criteria.

Conclusion – Mistakes when concluding a long-term care insurance policy –

In our day-to-day work with clients, we find that there are many different levels of knowledge and ignorance when it comes to insurance in the event of long-term care. Therefore we are available to you gladly personally for an individual consultation.
Thus you have the certainty to have always made the correct decision and do not fall on the "mistakes with conclusion of a nursing care insurance" purely!

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