Fraudulent 50-year-old must go to jail

Fraudulent 50-year-old must go to jail

After the verdict, a murmur of approval could be heard among the spectators. Judge nicole allstadt accused the defendant of shamelessly exploiting the situation of the victim and making a comfortable life for herself. "They have built a system to enrich themselves", according to allstadt. After the trial, the 50-year-old was immediately taken back to prison, from where she had also been brought before the police.

Defendant saw himself as a victim

The court considered it proven that the 50-year-old had defrauded the then 19-year-old woman from the district of kulmbach of a total of more than 40,000 euros in 14 cases, and did not believe the defendant, who portrayed herself as the victim.
The accused had lived with the father of the victim since 2007. She had probably overestimated the financial possibilities of her life's journey with regard to her own lifestyle. In total the sum of 120 000 euro was in the room, which she was allowed to bring through. The court bailiff had already targeted the life-walker, there was a warrant for enforcement arrest. In 2009, the financially ruined man threw himself off a bridge.

Roulette game in the Czech Republic

Her lifestyle and maintenance explained the defendant very implausibly. Her boyfriend, whom she had met after the suicide of her companion, had played roulette in the czech republic and won large amounts of money over a long period of time. This new friend had paid for their joint vacation trips. She did not fulfill her own financial obligations in any way. So the bailiff was soon after her too.
The defendant repeatedly took the money from the daughter of the deceased, who was absolutely overwhelmed with the situation. The girl was of the opinion that this was the way to pay off debts. In the process, a total amount of over 40 000 euros was collected.

Preservation time was still running

The extract from the criminal record showed that the defendant had already been sentenced in 2006 to 4 months imprisonment for 64 counts of fraud. After that, further convictions for theft and fraud followed. She had committed the new crimes while on probation.

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