May addresses eu foreigners directly with brexit letter

May addresses eu foreigners directly with brexit letter

Prime minister theresa may believes that an agreement on the rights of EU foreigners to stay in the UK is within reach. London wants to make it as easy as possible for foreigners in the united kingdom to continue living in the country after it leaves the eu.

This is what may said on the occasion of the two-day EU summit in brussel. "EU citizens legally living in the UK today should be allowed to stay," reads her open letter to EU expats, published thursday night. Registrations are needed for this.

The costs and the expense should be kept as low as possible. On social media, many of those affected criticized the letter for being too vague. There are 3.2 million other EU citizens living in the UK and 1.2 million britons in the other EU countries.

On friday, the second day of the summit, the remaining 27 EU countries want to discuss the UK's exit from the european union – but without may.

The leader of the opposition labor party, jeremy corbyn, has also traveled to brussel. He wanted to talk to EU chief negotiator michel barnier and EU parliament president antonio tajani, among others, a labor spokeswoman said. Corbyn accuses british government of hopeless disagreement over brexit course.

May threatened an awkward EU summit. United kingdom's demand for rapid extension of negotiations to be rejected at brussel meeting, draft says. However, the community of states does not want to talk about future relations with the united kingdom until "sufficient progress" has been made on the most important separation issues – including the right to remain.

In addition, the future status of the border between EU member ireland and the uk's northern ireland must be clarified. The most contentious issue is the final bill of up to 100 billion euros: london is to pay joint eu financial commitments for budget, claims and pension burdens.

At a speech in florence in september, may had proposed a two-year transitional phase. Indirectly, she had then explained london's willingness to pay some 20 billion euros. Great britain will leave the EU at the end of march 2019.

Talks in brussel cannot produce result if brussel insists on resolving all separation issues first, according to british brexit minister david davis. "Measured by EU standards, we are lightning fast. There are many areas, such as northern ireland, where we cannot move forward without an agreement on our future relationship," davis told the "welt" newspaper. He also rejected accusations that the british side has so far been at odds with the negotiations: "we have tried to be constructive."

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