New daycare center generates enthusiasm

Unanimous approval and a unanimous decision: the building planned by the architects' office Schmitt & Vogels submitted design plans for new kindergarten st. Christopherus at the seehofhalle have met with enthusiasm in the memmelsdorf community council. According to plans, construction will begin in march 2019. The opening is planned for the fall of 2020.
Rough praise was given to the architects' office schmitt & vogels and managing director Roland Schmitt, who presented the designs in person. According to this, the new building with a combination of two structures (two-story on the street and one-story on the creek side) fits perfectly into the existing development and the sloping land. The cleverly constructed entrance foyer in the area where the two buildings intersect harmoniously compensated for the difference in floor levels.
Architect Schmitt: "the foyer is halfway up between the two floors, and this is also where the structural elements fork. A connection over ten steps makes the difference between floors hardly noticeable for visitors." an elevator now also serves to ensure barrier-free accessibility. While the kindergarten groups will move into the two-story upper part of the building, the daycare center will be located on the lower floor.
This means that for the entire daycare center and especially for the kindergarten groups, the partially open educational concept practiced by the educational team is possible without any restrictions, emphasized Schmitt. Above all, the roughly laid-out corridors with mobile wall and tower elements and numerous visual contacts through glass elements enable their multifunctional use as play, waiting or lounge areas.
The assessment of the kindergarten director Ulrike Straub in the meeting was correspondingly euphoric: "this room arrangement makes everything possible for us."

"Highly satisfied"

As a representative of the local caritas association, which is responsible for the facility, local councillor silvia pfister was also more than happy with the plans: "we are extremely satisfied with the current state of planning"." both ladies expressly praised the committed cooperation and planning of the architects' office, which had dealt intensively with the educational work of the daycare team in advance in order to be able to create an optimal spatial concept.
Despite a slight increase in construction costs compared to the feasibility study, the municipal share is expected to remain at around 3.0 million euros "because, analogously, the demand costs are also increasing", calculated construction office manager stephan walz. In total, the current cost estimate for the building, including interior furnishings and the outside facilities, is around 5 million euros. This does not yet include the new road access, including the parking lot on podeldorfer strabe, and the rough new parking lot in schmittenau.

Looking to the future

Mayor Gerd schneider praised the professional coordination between the planning office, the authorities, the administration and the kindergarten team: "this is an optimal and forward-looking plan that has taken up all the constructive impulses from the government. Both the district office and the government agree 100 percent with the result. This is indeed very rare and the result of an intensive and professional pre-planning phase."
The municipal council followed this positive assessment without reservation and unanimously approved the drafts presented, so that the approval and execution planning can begin immediately after the summer break. 

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