John baker: success through craftsmanship

The large and small delicacies of John Baker are freshly prepared every morning and sold with a lot of charm. Thus, they provide moments of happiness far and wide. What once started small is now a Zurich success story.

John Baker: Success through craftsmanship

Hardly anything smells more tempting than freshly baked bread: crispy, lightly caramel-scented crust and fluffy crumb. The mixture of flour, water, salt and yeast is convincing. So much so that customers are happy to wait patiently in line for twenty minutes on a Sunday morning to buy bread. Seen at Helvetiaplatz in the city of Zurich in front of the John Baker bakery.

Corona crisis: inflation is not automatically pre-programmed

Corona crisis: inflation is not automatically pre-programmed

Markets continue to grapple with the expected impact of the multi-billion dollar rescue packages that central banks and governments are using to counter the coronavirus crisis. One effect could be a period of high inflation. John Greenwood of Invesco, however, does not think a faster demonetization after the pandemic is a foregone conclusion.

Step by step – your way to a driver’s license

The first step to independence starts with your own driver's license! Who hasn't been eagerly waiting to finally get behind the wheel themselves, just get in and jet off somewhere? Finally you can choose your music program and sing along loudly to your favorite songs. A super feeling! But first you have to have the license and we give you all the important info!

Find the right driving school

Of course, before you can master the road to a driver's license, you first need a suitable driving school. When choosing a driving school, you should make sure that it is reputable and that it is not too far away from your home. Ask your family, friends or acquaintances where they got their driving license and if they have any recommendations for you, this will help a lot. Once you have chosen a driving school, you can find out about the costs, requirements, theory lessons (when they will take place) and the general procedure. If you are still a minor, you go to the driving school with your parents. Even if you are already of age, it is always good to have someone with you who has been through it all before, as they have a different perspective on certain things.

Digital rental management: renting out real estate online

Digital rental management: Renting out real estate online

To whom the pretty three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city should be rented, and who is the right candidate to sign the lease for his house today? Agents and property managers have to deal with such issues on a daily basis, because living space is scarce, but the number of interested parties is constantly increasing. In major cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, there is a housing shortage, with hundreds of prospective buyers for every single property. Despite the numerous contenders, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable tenant. In this context, the selection process is crucial when renting out real estate, as the perfect condition of an apartment can only be guaranteed by a conscientious tenant.

To ensure that renting out an apartment goes smoothly, the best candidate must be found. This is where digital leasing management comes into play, because thanks to a sophisticated, fully automated selection process, the number of eligible prospects can be limited in order to subsequently select a suitable tenant. Tenants are put through their paces, and they must meet certain criteria that you, as the landlord, can determine individually for each property. Only you know which criteria are particularly important for you. The inquiries of all prospective tenants are evaluated according to the provided parameters. This saves time and money, because it immediately eliminates unsuitable prospects. Only those potential tenants who meet your minimum requirements will be invited to view the apartment.

Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

While we enjoy the good weather in summer or relax on vacation, the warm season means a particularly high load for our cars. An annual summer or vacation check at your independent garage prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures that you can enjoy the warm season without worries.

In summer, the car has to perform at its best, even when driving at a leisurely pace. Because increased temperatures and sunlight, as well as long vacation trips, place a particularly heavy load on all the assemblies in the vehicle.

Bye bye benz

Yesterday I sold my car after five and a half years and almost one hundred and eight thousand kilometers in the driver's seat. The best, most reliable car in the world. Bye bye, Benz. Farewell to the C200 CDI sports coupe.

I don't want to go so far as to say that it makes an allegorical bow to my farewell to Mercedes-Benz as an employer, Stuttgart and Swabia. The reasons are much more mundane. But nevertheless the decision to part with my faithful companion reflects also changed life circumstances.

For whom is occupational disability insurance useful??

Occupational disability does not affect me? And yet it can affect anyone! Few people think about how a professional disability may impact. Which illnesses lead to a permanent or temporary occupational disability even before retirement age. Various rumors still persist stubbornly. It is often said that 100% office workers are not affected by an occupational disability. Or that in an emergency, the state will step in and provide sufficient support. Accordingly, unrealistic expectations can have serious financial consequences and repercussions.

For whom is occupational disability insurance useful??

For whom is an occupational disability insurance useful??

Tenancy law tips

There are around 40 million tenants in Germany. In order for the relationship between tenant and landlord to work out, the rental agreement and tenancy law provide information about the rights and obligations of both parties.But what to do when disagreements between tenant and landlord do arise? Involve a lawyer for tenancy law or also in the first step tenancy law tips and information in the Internet look for or with the tenant federation inquire has then highest priority.

Here are a few tips on the most frequently asked questions in landlord and tenant law.