The inspection – annoying evil or safety must-have?

The inspection - annoying evil or safety must-have?

It’s that time again: I, as your car, have to go to the workshop for an inspection. So it is high time that we talk about how often it is necessary that I have to go there. I know of course that it is usually quite expensive when my note in the engine compartment says that we both have to go to the workshop. But this necessary evil must unfortunately be. An inspection is by no means a money-grab by the car industry or the garages, but really a sensible investment in me.

The different inspection intervals

Best to start with when exactly I need to be inspected. This usually depends a lot on who actually built me. Because the intervals of the different manufacturers can differ accordingly. In general, the opinion is that an inspection every 15 days is very important.000 Km or. once a year should be enough. Of course, this can vary greatly for some of my friends. If you do not know when you have to go there next time, then look under the hood with me. There are usually all the slips of paper that show the mileage you have to present.

If it should not stand there, however, you need not have panic. Just look at my doors. In rare cases, a sticker with the data is also attached there. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can check the manufacturer’s website or ask at your local garage. There one gives you gladly information about it. With newer colleagues of mine, it is even possible that your workshop contacts you by means of an on-board computer when you have to go for an inspection. The handy thing about an on-board computer continues to be that it calculates whether you’re a long-distance or short-distance driver from the starts you’ve made and the miles you’ve driven. Therefore, the intervals for newer cars are also based on the display in the speedometer field.

Benefits of the inspection

The inspection is generally very important for me. Finally, an inspection can show you what my state of health is like. You can compare this process with a doctor’s visit of yours. During the inspection, for example, my oil is changed so that my power unit is always supplied with proper lubricant and lasts for a very long time. But that is not all. The professionals also look at my underside and the rest of me, because some of my components can wear out over time. Then, of course, new ones are due accordingly and with older parts that are still good, regular monitoring is essential. So with an inspection you make sure that I am always safe and roadworthy. In addition, a full checkbook maintains my value. There are also insurance companies that require a properly maintained checkbook. If this is not given, so they may not step in when it comes to the claim. Another important point is that an inspection on a new car also gets the warranty from the manufacturer. So you see, there are many points in favor of a regular inspection.

What is done during the inspection?

But what do the professionals actually do with me in the workshop when I stand there so innocently on the stage?? Here we distinguish in two categories. On the one hand, there is the minor inspection, during which my engine oil is changed and a visual inspection of my components for material fatigue and damage is carried out. This inspection usually occurs more frequently. It also falls into a normal interval system. In addition to the minor inspection, there is of course also the major inspection. This is rather rarely used and it is a complete all-round check. The following is done:

  • Brakes are checked and exchanged
  • Oil is changed
  • Brake fluid is changed and the brakes are bled
  • All filters are exchanged
  • Refilling of the air conditioning system
  • I am completely examined for rust
  • The control unit is read out and freed from errors
  • Glow plugs and spark plugs are changed
  • Many other examinations are carried out

Of course, the major inspection usually hits your wallet hard. Nevertheless, you can be sure that everything on my machine is in top condition. So you are guaranteed to get through the next TuV and no longer have to plague yourself with sleepless nights.

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