Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

Therefore the summer and vacation check is important

While we enjoy the good weather in summer or relax on vacation, the warm season means a particularly high load for our cars. An annual summer or vacation check at your independent garage prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures that you can enjoy the warm season without worries.

In summer, the car has to perform at its best, even when driving at a leisurely pace. Because increased temperatures and sunlight, as well as long vacation trips, place a particularly heavy load on all the assemblies in the vehicle.

Avoiding heat stress for the car and its occupants

There is little or no shade on most roads, and the asphalt reflects the heat, making it even hotter. The cooling system must then work at full speed to protect the mechanical and electrical assemblies in the car from overheating. What is clear is that a concurrent lack of oil or coolant will further exacerbate the heat problem. As part of the vehicle check, therefore, not only should the fluid levels be checked, but the many lines in the vehicle should also be checked for possible leaks.

Without working air conditioning, the car quickly becomes an unwanted sauna. It is also annoying when unpleasant odors from the ventilation system spoil the pleasure of your feel-good unit. It is therefore essential to check the air conditioning system before the summer or vacation trip. This way, potential problems can be quickly identified and remedied before they become annoying and expensive.

Making sure you arrive safely

Especially on long vacation trips, safety should be the top priority. For this, the vehicle's chassis and braking system must function optimally. So springs and shock absorbers should be checked before you set off, as should the condition of brake discs, pads and hoses.

A flat tire on vacation is the first sign that recovery is over. In order to avoid this annoying problem, wheels and tires should be checked before starting a journey. The right air pressure is also important, because it helps to save fuel and provides more driving stability.


As you can see, there is a lot to consider when the car should be perfectly prepared for the summer. With a well-checked car, you can get through the hot season relaxed and safe – and, of course, to your vacation destination as well. Contact the professionals at your independent automotive repair shop for a summer check, they will be happy to help you with your automotive vacation preparations!

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