What actually is the green license plate?

What actually is the green license plate?

You surely know the green license plate from agriculture. But why is this license plate also seen on a boat trailer or a caravan?

What actually is the green license plate?

Almost all types of vehicles, except buses and motorcycles, can obtain a green license plate if the conditions are right. According to traffic and tax law, this approval depends on the use of the vehicle. A vehicle with a green license plate is exempt from motor vehicle tax under Section 3 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act (KraftStG). For this purpose, an application must be made to the tax office, which must meet certain criteria.

For earmarked vehicles of associations or aid organizations, a green license plate can be used. For agricultural vehicles, the regulation is not uniform throughout Germany, but there is a minimum requirement of more than two hectares of land to be farmed.

Trailers for transporting boats, animals used for sports or sports equipment can also be exempt from tax, but may only be used for this purpose, otherwise the insurance coverage expires.

People with disabilities and show vehicles can also be exempt from tax, as well as truck trailers when the tax burden on the tractor is high.

If the requirements are met, the following vehicle classes can receive a green license plate:

Trucks, swap bodies for container transport, truck trailers and semitrailers, forklifts, self-propelled construction equipment, tractors, caravans and car trailers, passenger cars, and forestry and agricultural trailers and implements.

How to get a green license plate?

First you need a confirmation from the tax office for tax exemption, with this you can then make an application to the registration authority. In addition, you still need your identity card, your eVB number, vehicle registration document and vehicle title, valid proof of main and exhaust emissions test and, if necessary, a power of attorney and identity card when acting on behalf of another person.

Companies or GbRs must ask for other required documentation from the DMV.

Insurance requirement despite having a green license plate?

The green license plate exempts from tax, but not from compulsory insurance. You need already for the application of the tax exemption a liability insurance with eVB number, exceptions are regulated in § 2 PflichtVG.

These exceptions include horse trailers or boat trailers, but these may then also be used ONLY for this purpose. If they are misused, one violates at the same time the obligation insurance law and the motor vehicle tax law.

Insurance coverage in agriculture is very favorable, even with a green license plate, because there is a concrete use of the vehicles. There is generally NO insurance coverage for use outside of agricultural activities, so they should be sure to report such uses to their insurer.

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